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I have been listening to Mel Robbins’ “The 5 Second Rule” (just to keep me ‘on task’ with the new business) and it reminded me that procrastination and genocide of great ideas is not unique to myself.

For example, Australians are huge procrastinators when it comes to professional dental care.

This week, I will share some interesting stats about Australians’ attitude to dental health and what LSOS is going to do to change that. Yep, we ARE going to change the world, people! 

STAT 1: 67% of Australians avoid regular dental visits!  That’s a huge number! 

Are you one of these people? Why do YOU avoid regular dental visits? Tell me more, I won’t judge, I promise!

Teeth and beauty

Funny but lovely!

We think lipstick smudges on teeth are simply hilarious! Maybe it’s because the beautifully made-up and seemingly perfect face of the wearer becomes suddenly, surprisingly imperfect as you get closer. Maybe it’s the fact that the wearer is usually blissfully unaware of their little make-up malfunction, whilst feeling super-confident in the gorgeous version of themselves. All the while, everyone else is aware of the damn smudge…and increasingly compelled to stare at it. Maybe it’s the conundrum of the observer: to tell or not to tell – just hope it will go away next time the wearer shuts their mouth (but it NEVER goes away, does it?). It is fascinating that something so small, just a barely noticeable spot, becomes a hilarious comedy with so much scope to bring out the best and the worst in people. A comedy in which there are simply no innocent bystanders. Through the whole twisted and painfully hilarious joke, only the smile of the innocent, proud wearer of the dreaded smudge remains genuine and free.  Just look at the photos of these mighty celebrities, brought down to Earth by a humble lipstick smudge. And this is why we think smiling lipstick-smudged teeth are also one of the loveliest things we can ever witness.


Little Shop Of Smiles is Born

The time is now

I have an itch I have to scratch… and for what I am about to do, I am really truly… EXCITED. Little Shop of Smiles is not just a business or a service, it is a social experiment. Can ordinary people change Australian professional dental care forever?

Australians really dislike the dentist (ok, some of you hate them, too). For some, it’s a convenience issue, for others it’s a financial matter and for some it’s a case of serious phobias. Most Australians don’t have their teeth cleaned and checked regularly not because they don’t want to, but because they are truly afraid of what comes next… fillings (?), crowns (?) extractions even….

What if we could separate our teeth hygiene from our teeth medicine? What if we could get our teeth cleaned whenever and (almost) wherever we liked without needing to see the dentist?

Well, that’s what LSOS sets out to prove. We believe we can change the way Aussies look after their teeth. We are boldly going where no dentist, hygienist or patient has ever gone before. We’re giving ordinary Australians the power to decide: on demand, professional teeth hygiene: yay or nay?

This may change everything…