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Teeth care, skin care: SELF care

Last night I opened a package of skincare I never intended to get. I guess I just never wanted to think about myself as getting older, needing maintenance of any kind, lacking something… But then I started the 60 day program towards better, healthier skin and thought to myself: this is not skin-care, this is self-care. What else can I do to really care for myself today? Out comes the floss and the whitening tray I kept somewhere in the bathroom cupboard and had no time to wear. Out comes the camera: I’m going to mark this day, this is my Day1, this is where I take control of what tomorrow looks like. 
If you have been afraid of finding out you’re less than perfect, afraid of a ‘diagnosis’, given up on looking better because it ‘may not work’, my honest advice is: just start. A step or two forward is still better than being back behind the start line. Committing to a small act of betterment at a time is better than making big bold plans which you never execute. 
Teeth cleaning and whitening, skin care, a nice hairstyle, a strong and healthy body will not  turn you into someone different, but you are guaranteed to feel better if only for the extra care you allowed yourself. I am yet to meet a client who is indifferent to their cleaner, brighter teeth and I challenge you to try!IMG_8222
Special thanks to Michelle from Rodan&Fields Australia for nudging me across the line and setting me a challenge to change my mindset. Difficult thing to change, but leads to great adventures! Find her on FB and start your own journey. https://www.facebook.com/michelle.heffernan.948

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