It’s a wrap!

The time has finally come. Our first ever pop up has finally wrapped up.  We are off on a summer vacation and will be back to polish and shine the smiles of Brisbane in the New Year.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for most up to date info.

Have a fantastic holiday season, Brissie! Thank you for an amazing 3 months in Paddington and see you all in 2018!


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Hello white smiles, goodbye expensive fads! A hack for awesome teeth.

Are you getting swamped by Instagram and Facebook posts of products that promise brighter teeth in just 10 minutes, from gels and mouth-stretching lights to toothpastes, mouthwashes and oils? And all that for a very ‘affordable’ $29.99+ per month? All the toothpaste, mouthwash, gel you can possibly want, for close to $400 bucks per year???

Are you tempted? Here’s why you should think carefully before you spend you hard earned cash on gimmicks rather than actual results.



For the amount of money you would spend on various subscriptions on black gritty toothpastes, bicarb soda mouthwashes and gels, you can see an ACTUAL dentist twice per year AND have your teeth whitened by professionals. You can buy a hundred tubs of supermarket-grade toothpaste. You can buy A LOT of floss!


Most of the products you see on social media have NO actual whitening or teeth strengthening ingredients. None! Bicarb soda, charcoal, coconut oil, positive vibes, these are only useful because they get you to actually pay attention to your teeth. As a dentist, I love the fact teeth are becoming such a central point of people’s self-care. However, what’s the point of using something which won’t give you results you want (healthy, bright smiles)? Which leads me to the next point…

‘Teeth  fatigue’

You may be surprised to hear this: people don’t actually spend a lot of time on their teeth at home. Sure, there’s the intention, there’s product that looks awesome on your bathroom vanity, there are selfies in the bathroom (who doesn’t love a good bathroom selfie!). But trust me, after 20 years of staring down people’s mouths I promise you: 1% of all people floss and brush their teeth every day. So, even the two step process becomes a drag, I’d like to see the multi-step process last past the Boomerang video.

So, here are some simple hacks for awesome teeth that most people can afford:

Have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice per year, either by a dentist or a hygienist. We use awesome tools that do amazing things to remove your stains, tartar and plaque. This is not just going to make you look and feel better, but will also make you healthier. Cost: Up to $400 per year at the dentist (or $120 at the Little Shop of Smiles)

Brush twice daily with a Fluoride toothpaste. If you don’t use Fluoride, you better be crossing your fingers and toes there’s no sugar (and I mean, all carbohydrate) in anything you eat…unless of course you have a way of asking the bacteria in your mouth not to smash your teeth, pretty please… Cost: Up to $100 per year of fanciest supermarket toothpaste!

Floss! OMG this ‘yoga for teeth’ is sooo important for cleanliness and oral wellbeing, yet so few people actually do it. Just start and don’t forget to say a few big long Om chants in the process. You will be reborn! Cost: $15 for 200meters!

Only peroxide will whiten your teeth. Go ask real scientists, not some B grade YouTuber. Whiten your teeth ONCE with actual peroxide-based whitening products, using the strongest possible product over the shortest period of time. Achieve real results quickly, the first time and then occasionally top it up. No subscriptions, no ongoing costs, no complicated routines and glowing duck-faces! Cost: Starts from $200 at the dentist ($99 at the Little Shop of Smiles).






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Teeth care, skin care: SELF care

Last night I opened a package of skincare I never intended to get. I guess I just never wanted to think about myself as getting older, needing maintenance of any kind, lacking something… But then I started the 60 day program towards better, healthier skin and thought to myself: this is not skin-care, this is self-care. What else can I do to really care for myself today? Out comes the floss and the whitening tray I kept somewhere in the bathroom cupboard and had no time to wear. Out comes the camera: I’m going to mark this day, this is my Day1, this is where I take control of what tomorrow looks like. 
If you have been afraid of finding out you’re less than perfect, afraid of a ‘diagnosis’, given up on looking better because it ‘may not work’, my honest advice is: just start. A step or two forward is still better than being back behind the start line. Committing to a small act of betterment at a time is better than making big bold plans which you never execute. 
Teeth cleaning and whitening, skin care, a nice hairstyle, a strong and healthy body will not  turn you into someone different, but you are guaranteed to feel better if only for the extra care you allowed yourself. I am yet to meet a client who is indifferent to their cleaner, brighter teeth and I challenge you to try!IMG_8222
Special thanks to Michelle from Rodan&Fields Australia for nudging me across the line and setting me a challenge to change my mindset. Difficult thing to change, but leads to great adventures! Find her on FB and start your own journey. https://www.facebook.com/michelle.heffernan.948

Our Paddington Store

We have been working overtime to be able to bring to life our first pop-up store at 2/2 Latrobe Terrace in the iconic Brisbane suburb of Paddington. The whole neighbourhood is full of amazing unique boutiques and cafes and we love being a part of this great community.

We are really proud with the final result and hope you will be, too. Here are some pictures of our shop.

We hope to see you all there before we wrap up and relocate on November 3rd. For more info, please follow our Facebook Page.


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Hip Hip Hooray!

Do I hear a woot-woot? Drum roll, please!

We’re extremely proud to announce that the LSOS crew has found our first pop-up home: Shop 5 of 2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington and we are ready to launch on Tuesday, September 12. Yes, the coolest little part of Brisbane just got way cooler!

We can’t wait to see you there. Pop in and say “Hi”, treat your pearly whites to a heavenly clean and hang out with the happiest people in the dental business: our smile-makers!

We are pumped!